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High Technologies of Longevity

High technologies of longevity include the latest new drugs and resources that exist in the world practice for prolonging life.

The rejuvenation program includes only natural products, anti-oxidants, senolytics, polyvitamins, minerals, aminoacids and chelating agents. No secondary effects. These treatments have been created and patented by Dr Elina Manzhalii.

High technologies of GLI - comprehensive approach to prolonging life.

GLI helps you to live healthier and beautiful lifestyle by slowing down the aging process. We recommend high technologies of longevity to people with fatigue, sleep disorder, stress, and hormone syndrome and for prevention of deseases.

Detoxification therapy

High technologies of longevity programm conduct the systematic analysis on causes of diseases and obesity, including patients' genetic background, the state of energy metabolism, toxin causing inflammation, and hormone balance. According to the analysis result, a suitable detoxification therapy for blood, intestines, liver, skin is applied to improve the physical constitution and boost energy.

In addition, as a personalized treatment, simple body-shape management as well as lymph drainage are available. Our therapies are recommended for those who wish to manage their health in preparation for their middle age or golden years, those who often suffer from minor illness or easily get fatigued, those who want to tone their bodies or get rid of firm fat.

- Treatment to increase the energy;

- Chelation of toxins and heavy metals;

- Stimulation of the immune system;

- Antyoxidant cocktail;

- Super high dose natural vitamin therapy.

Biotechnology therapy

Our application of stem cells is used to treat patients in a minimally invasive procedures with maximum results. We use innovative technologies with stem cells as one of the most effective anti-ageing treatment methods.

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of the human body, able to turn into any of 240 types of specialised cells. However, with age, the number of stem cells steadily decreases. That’s one of the reasons for the slower healing of wounds and fractures in the elderly, the higher likelihood of injury and the emergence of a number of chronic diseases. For example, if at birth the content of stem cells in the human body is 1 per 10,000 total cells, then in 50 years there is 1 per 500,000, and at age 70, 1 per 1,000,000. To maintain the body’s regenerative capacity, it’s also possible to bank stem cells.

Stem cells play the crucial role of replacing damaged and ageing cells – something no drug is capable of. When administered to the patient, stem cells migrate to the affected organs and provide restoration of entire biological structures; they also help normalise metabolism, align the body’s immune status and increase resistance to tumours. The programme also has a positive effect on sexual function.

These type of treatments with the advancements that await us in the future, give us the possibility of combating illnesses without the secondary effects that we have nowadays due to pharmaceuticals treatments, as well as the prevention and treatment of many illnesses and conditions including premature aging. If for example we have a damaged liver due to illness and we’re able to transplant the liver with a liver produced by stem cells from the patient (investigation and work that is already in progress), we will be taking a huge step in the direction of a new reality in human longevity and the medical practice.

Stress management

We all suffer from stress and anxiety from time to time, whether it’s because we are facing a stressful period at work or in our personal life. Whilst sometimes there isn’t much we can do about the circumstances we’re facing, we do have control over how we react to these situations, simply by using the tools that are available to us, like for example, breathing.

We forget how important breathing is for our inner balance and wellbeing and by simply doing some breathing exercises throughout the day, we’re able to reduce our cortisol levels and activate our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) that is responsible for relaxing the body, decreasing heart rate, lowering blood pressure and respiratory rate and diverting blood supply all over the body.

Stress management is an important health demand in developed and rapidly developing countries. The principle of stress management consists of four strategies. That is, reduction of stressors, culture of stress tolerance, enrichment of supporting resources, and early detection of manifestations of physical and mental disorders.

Depending on the blood results and the anamnesis of the patient, this treatment can be adapted and focused on specific health problem.